The Quarrymen





Repairs to the Kneeshaw Lupton quarry jetty, circa 1930s.




The quarrymen shown in these pictures are :- From left to right, Stuart Williams, William Douglas Davies who was a carpenter and in his leisure time a drummer in band known as the 'Rhythym Rascals', Tomos Ifan Owen, ?, Walter Parry (Carpenter)





Just prior to the beginning of the second World war a number of fitters from the quarry decided that they would build themselves a small aircraft which they named the 'Flying Flea'.

The onset of the war put pay to their plans and the part built project stored in one of the sheds in the quarry and eventually re-appeared in the 1950s.

Shortage of suitable materials meant the wings were never completed and the nearest it ever came to flying was the sea trials pictured here, the machine disappeared into oblivion never again to be seen.




Raynes Quarry, 21st May 1938, The two men pictured here, Benjamin Littler Jones (standing) and William Williams saved a work colleague who was trapped by his foot from certain death by removing burning fuses from their detonators.
Their promptitude and courage undoubtedly saved the life of George Roberts at grave risk to their own safety, and for which they were awarded the Edward Medal which was the forerunner of the George Cross.



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