The Quarries



John Jones who had opened the Llanddulas quarry in the 1820s and had later gone bankrupt, applied to the Crown Commisioners for a lease at the rocks at Penmaenrhos in the February of 1858.
The Commisioners were not happy with the references obtained for himself or his proposed partners.
The lease was eventually granted to Raynes & Lupton the quarry was opened by them and a forth jetty built along this coast.





Wooden Sloop
'James' 64 tonnes, two man crew, loading at Penmaenhead quarry, circa 1880.

Photograph courtesy of Mr Jos Williams, Old Colwyn.





1849 saw the Railway opened along the coast, this then gave the quarries an alternative means of moving the limestone.
The picture on the right shows the sidings at Raynes quarry, the houses still remain on Llysfaen station road.





The view from Clobryn, the towering chimneys of the lime kilns, lime burning at the quarries started in the late 1800s and ended in 1945.
The last of the chimneys was demolished in 1952.



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