The Quarries




James Trelevyan Raynes acquired plans, specifications and sole operating rights of the Hoffman patent lime kiln, erecting a kiln at Llanddulas in 1874.
The fire never went out until the much regretted closing of the kiln in 1929.




In order to obtain lime for building purposes Raynes proposed to build a crusher house.
This crusher building was erected in 1874 and at the same time he constructed a water resevoir for the Lancashire boiler which supplied steam to drive the crusher.
The picture opposite shows the boiler being hauled up the steep incline from the railway track to its final resting place.





In 1922 the company was purchased from the Raynes family by United Alkali which became part of the newly formed I.C.I, but it continued to trade under the name Kneeshaw and Lupton.
Lime burning ceased in 1945 and a new wooden jetty was installed in 1947 with a conveyor belt replacing the railway and turntable.
It eventually incorporated the neighboring Llanddulas quarry and in 1952 employed about eighty-five men




In 1856 Messrs Brunditt and Whiteway of Runcorn who already owned quarries in Penmaenmawr made an application to Crown Commisioners to erect two stages to ship stone from the beach fronting their property at Pencoed, known as Merllyn quarry, permission was granted in 1858.
The picture opposite shows the jetties of the three quarries.



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